Thank you for your book "Fed Up". My son is 9. He has been a handful basically all his life. It got to the stage a few months ago where I thought I would lose it altogether. We have two other children. The fighting between him and his brother who is only 4 was incredible. It was non-stop. My husband and I nearly split up over our son's behaviour, not knowing what to do for him. I read an article in our local paper and bought your book. We are now in the third week of the diet and already a big improvement. We knew from an early age that diet was a big part of our son's problems but doctors said no way, he is borderline ADD/ADHD. We just didn't get any answers. We have the booklets from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital but didn't have the support or knowledge on our own to do the diet successfully. Thank you for your book. It has been a big help and our counsellor now thinks we might need a dietician after all this time. Again thank you very much. - reader, NSW