I am a 20-year-old mother with a very restless, hard to manage 18-month-old son. He has been hard to manage from the start with colic, chronic wind, constipation, reflux and eczema. He would have us up usually every 2 hours just screaming the house down for no apparent reason and my doctor stressed NOT to put him on soy products as "in his opinion, they were of no help", so my son remained on an AR formula to help his reflux. As he gets older, he is very active, running every where, bouncing off walls and furniture, falling over all the time ... more trips to the doctor, nothing mentioned about diet.

It wasn't until my parents saw the article on A Current Affair that I even thought about diet other then lactose intolerance and they both encouraged us to try it. I was sceptical at first and then one night he had me in tears and, being pregnant with our second child, decided to give it a go anyway.

It has been 8 days now and there has been a noted change in his attitude. He is slowing down enough to smell the roses and his attention span has lengthened a little. although he is still waking up at night, I am a lot more rested from not chasing him around all day! What brands of bread are best for him? I have asked around at small bakeries and they either can't tell me if there are any preservatives or admit that they do ... I am getting a little frustrated at their ignorance. [Brumby's is FAILSAFE. Other than that, can you buy Vogel's? Read the label carefully. In some places they do not add 282].

Thank you once again for your help and for bothering to try to make a difference when no-one else really cares!!! Reader, email