I saw you on A Current Affair recently and started reading your book and couldn't put it down until I had finished it.

What a difference it has made! We are in the process of eliminating all preservatives and additives from our diet. It has been a hard struggle but we are getting there. We knew we had a problem when my four-year-old was given chocolate and within five minutes he would be jumping up and down on the spot while he was talking to you. Also, he would be so wound up before bed time that he couldn't lie still - his arms, legs and body would be jumping all over the place. The diet has certainly helped.

I have been trying out all of your recipes with great success … Once again thank you for writing "Fed Up" . It has been truly inspirational and has certainly answered a lot of questions for me. "Fed Up" is my bible and I never go anywhere without it.

Even though I thought we had pretty much eliminated most additives and preservatives from our diet I was appalled to learn that we could do more. I've always made our meals from scratch, baked my own cakes and bikkies, and for the last year have made my own bread. Then to learn that the tomato-based meals such as spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne, lamb ragout and even the soups I made could be the cause of our 11-year-old son's incredible temper made me feel completely inadequate. Until recently, his ADHD has been fairly well controlled, but for the last year he has been almost unbearable at school, although his behaviour at home has remained fairly constant. In desperation, after searching the internet, I decided to try him on Efalex, and his behaviour at school really improved. We noticed that he reverted to this old behaviour when I ran out of the capsules and he hadn't had them for a week, so quickly decided to keep up that regimen. Then your book was recommended to me by a fellow parent who had been having great success with it for her daughter. What a revelation. Both my husband and I have family histories with asthma, skin rashes, allergies, rhinitis, sinusitus - you name it. My son embraced the program and being the person he is read the book even more thoroughly than I did and was a great help with the shopping and preparation. Tell me, do they sometimes have some kind of withdrawal? [yes] We started the diet on the holidays, so we had a good chance to get everything under way with little distraction, and as always he was off his Ritalin. He almost literally was
bouncing off the walls, woke every day as grumpy as a bear which was unusual for him, and was easily annoyed by everyone around him all the time … I also found that my sinuses were really blocked and I had an almost continual headache from day three to day 7. Just as my patience was stretched to the limit, and I'd come to the conclusion that we may have to scrap this or see what we were doing wrong with the diet, my son woke up the next morning his usual cheerful self and was much calmer and less excitable than he had been the previous week. My sinuses also cleared up. My daughter who is 13 has been having a ball making all the lollies as she has a sweet tooth and they have always been a restricted item in this house. Our biggest drawback came the day of our youngest's birthday. I had all FAILSAFE foods except for the cake … even though I allowed my son the smallest imaginable piece with very little icing on it the effects were catastrophic. He raged and ranted and the tantrum was like nothing I've ever seen with swearing and screaming - well you get the general idea, and this was 5-6 hours after eating the cake!!! I never imagined anything so bad. But the next day he was as sweet as he could be with no other ill effects, other than a father who wanted little to do with him. Luckily all the guests had well and truly gone! … Thanks again …Reader, by email