My son is 6 years old and was sort of handleable until he started school then the problems really started. He had no concentration, was violent, destructive, uncooperative and withdrawn at times. The only thing that was getting him through was that his teachers, both last year and this, are angels. How anyone could have that much patience is beyond me. ADD was questioned but a psychologist I saw said that was not the answer … In your book Fed Up you list a number of therapies you tried for your daughter. It was like reading about my life for the last 18 months. Everyone kept saying I was so good to keep trying but what was I supposed to do? Give up, let him be classed as another unteachable kid. I couldn't do that. He is one of the most intelligent people I have met and had too much potential. Anyway someone told me about the story on ACA and I bought your book. I read it in one night as it was the first thing I had read that made total sense and fitted my son to a T. We started the elimination diet four weeks ago. I took my son off dairy. My son didn't go too well for the first three weeks. His behavior deteriorated to the point were the school actually rang me one day at lunch and asked me to pick him up as there was no point in him being there … I must admit that I felt like there was no hope and thought that maybe he needed Ritalin. That day I picked up your book again and reread some pages. I decided to go one step further and take him off wheat. The change has been amazing. This week he actually had three "normal" days at school, finished worksheets etc. I believe he got worse because he was actually eating more wheat as I was baking biscuits, cakes and muffins. Now I use wheat and gluten free flour. We haven't done any challenges yet but will be starting next week. I believe your book and diet have helped my son and I more than you can know. Thank you.

3 months later: My son reacts to just about everything! Salicylates make him "high", amines make him "low", antioxidants build up in his system and make him "high".

But he had his 7th birthday last weekend. Some children from school attended and he was a "normal" kid with lots of friends over to play. Every parent has come to me and told me what a great time their child had. This would not have been possible 6 months ago. We did eat chocolate at the party but everything else was "FAILSAFE". He still has his moments but he can now concentrate at school, when with the occupational therapist, and while playing basketball. I was watching home video the other night and almost cried watching my stunningly magnificent son at one and two years old and thinking of all he has been through unnecessarily. If only we had known. Matt also suffered from 'glue ear' which is also being blamed for a lot of his gross and fine motor problems. He was three years behind when he started with the O.T. In three months he has caught up 12 months. His Eustachian tubes are now clear yet the E.N.T doctors just said he was "in the too hard basket". I believe that food intolerance is responsible for most of my son's problems and that if I had known he would not have wasted four years of his life. It makes me so angry the way we mothers are treated by health professionals. There was an article in the Sunday Herald Sun magazine just recently which was an interview with a mother who said the diet helped her son's asthma. On the same page there was an interview with the head dietitian at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne saying that the relationship between heath and behavior was debatable and that it really hadn't been proved. BULL!!!!! … It can be really hard (I am a single mother without a great deal of father support) but really rewarding at the same time. Laughing and crying at the same time makes life interesting. I wouldn't swap my son for the world.