Parenting courses and books all had wonderful ideas and strategies, but they didn't work for us. However since my son has been on the diet over the past twelve months I have AT LAST been able to enjoy him. The difference that the diet has made to him has been extraordinary. Unfortunately it took much longer than we expected, as we had to eliminate a lot more than the basic elimination diet and his diet is extremely restricted, but it is worth the effort to have a delightful happy boy most of the time. We still have the occasional really bad day, but after six and a half years of trying to parent a terror and feeling that there must have been something wrong with me and my parenting abilities, I finally feel like a more or less normal mum! I can now take him shopping or to visit my friends and be reasonably confident that he will be well behaved and well mannered. Last week I took him to an adult social meeting with me as I needed to meet some new people (we have just moved) and he hadn't started school here yet. He sat fairly quietly, amusing himself with his Lego and allowed me to concentrate and then socialise, without dying of embarrassment over his behaviour, or having to leave early because things became intolerable. The only time he interrupted was to ask where the bathroom was. The other people there would never have guessed what he used to be like..- discussion group member