"I just wanted to says "thanks" on behalf of my family. My wife discovered our daughter's salicylate intolerance after serendipitously finding and buying Fed Up 3 years ago. It's not easy to stick to the diet, as you will know, but it's definitely worth it for the difference. If only some of our friends and family had the willpower required.

A couple of weeks ago, she transcribed the favourite recipes out of the book, to have as a handy carry-anywhere reference, also to give to the family so they could cater for our daughter if need be. Then ... we found your latest book. She has hardly put it down in the last 24 hours, except to sleep and eat, and now, to study your website! Yours are probably the two most important books in our house.

A curiosity for us was our daughter's apparent intolerance to garlic oil capsules. She was taking them for a year or so, to supplement her limited diet, and in that time, suffered repeated attacks of tonsillitis, to the extent that the ENT surgeon had scheduled her for surgery. Then we stopped the garlic supplement, and the tonsillitis disappeared. That was 18 months ago and she's been fine since. Very odd.

Keep up the good work. Many people worry about the possible problems associated with GM foods but are happy to let their kids drink something that looks like anti-freeze; taking all the junk out of what we eat would be a better first step in the right direction. Tim Tams? You can keep 'em!"

- father, by email