We have been following the full elimination diet for 4 weeks and my children both showed dramatic improvements. My son (nearly 8) is no longer a 'space cadet' and seems better able to listen and concentrate. He is much less likely to argue and seems to be more able to mix with the kids at school. My theory is that he was so vague before that he missed the social cues from other children - such as not responding when someone said hello because he didn't even hear them. His teacher was not aware that I had changed his diet and reports that his school performance this term has been 'fantastic' compared to last term and even his swimming teacher has commented on his improved concentration. My daughter (who is four) has stopped her incessant whinging and inability to take no for an answer. We have also stopped arguing about lollies, a problem I have had with her ever since she could talk. This week we tried the amine challenge but I stopped after 2 days because she was sleeping badly, overtired and awful to be with. - father from WA