Having studied your book Fed Up, and very little else, for the last week, we are gritting our teeth and getting ready to begin the diet on Monday. Myself, my eczema-ridden daughter (5) and 'behavioural-nightmare' son (nearly 3), and my parents (mainly for support but each come with their own chronic health complaints). I am greatly concerned by the demise of concentration levels, self-control, acceptable behaviour and motivation in primary students even during my own career (15 years) and strongly believe the menu offered by school tuckshops often works against the very educational aims of the schools they are supposedly supporting. I see students come into class for the afternoon session hyped-up, lacking energy, 'agro', argumentative, easily frustrated and unable to concentrate. Many students are like this all day! … Thank you for your tireless efforts and service to 21st century consumers everywhere!" - teacher, Qld