We have been following your Failsafe diet for 8 days now mainly for the benefit of son aged 7. He has difficulty managing his behaviour (and so, therefore, do we!). He has temper tantrums and can be extremely defiant. He is a lovely boy while things are going his way but if not, he turns into a monster. The Christmas holidays had been steadily getting worse and his poor behaviour reached a peak about 12 days ago. We spotted an article about preservative 282 in Wellbeing magazine and then went on to look at your website. We bought Fed-up and read it from front to back. We decided to begin the elimination diet and have had enormous success. His initial score on the test in the fed up book was 91 and a week later it was down to 26! We couldn't believe how polite and calm he was and he has been able to control himself really well. His teacher noticed a huge difference. However, last night we had one of the old tantrums return (the 'This place is horrible, I want to live somewhere else' sort of tantrum) and he again became very unreasonable and irrational and wouldn't listen to anything we had to say. This has happened again twice today. He really was 'freaking' out.

Could it be bubble bath? About an hour before the old behaviour returned, he had a bubble bath, ingredients : Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, cocamide DEA, Coco Dimethyl Amine Oxide, Sodium Chloride, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Preservative, colours Red 22, Blue 1. Could this possibly affect him this way?

We have had such success and for one week we felt as though we were in family heaven and now it's gone straight back to how it was. We are truly terrified that we won't get this wonderful behaviour back again. He is so difficult to cope with and of course we always think 'Where did we go wrong?' This diet has worked miracles and I would be relieved to hear that the bubble bath is the likely culprit. - reader, Qld [Your son's reaction was most likely to the artificial colours in the bubble bath - Blue 1 is brilliant blue 133 S.]