I am a Canadian resident visiting Melbourne and writing to you because I believe I must have this reaction to flavour 635. A week ago I got a nasty itch on the side of my breast and by the next morning I awoke with it having spread and by the next day it had covered my chest, back and now my neck, ears, face and it is slowly making its way to my arms and legs. At first I thought it was the new laundry detergent, so I change it and rewashed everything I brought to Australia with me. It seemed to be slowing down until this morning when I awoke with far more on my face as the older ones got bigger and drier.

My boyfriend saw the bit on TV about 635 and realised it was in the instant noodles we ate just last night. This means I've got it all over again for another two weeks. I cannot believe this. I have never had anything like it except chicken pox! Now I'm sad because I am leaving in two weeks and not going to see my boyfriend for many months and I have to end my stay looking like a leper and feeling like I fell in a bag of fleas.

It makes me just as angry as the other people I've heard on this site because something like this should be immediately taken off the market. It hurts people, how can that allowed???? Good luck to all others out there with the itchy and scratchy syndrome ... - Claire, Canada