My 21 year old daughter came down with an allergic reaction on Christmas Day. She went to the doctor the next morning with this awful raised red rash all over her. He said 'it's only a reaction' and sent us home with over-the-counter antihistamine. As we were leaving she passed out but the doctor said it was only a faint. That night we had to take her to emergency at the hospital where they didn't know what it was either. She ended up staying in for 3 days and was on cortisone injections. She went to an allergy specialist who said it was a virus and did nothing. The hospital ruled out virus as they did all the tests. Thank you for your work. My daughter did eat turkey for Christmas dinner but I would never have dreamed it would be something in the turkey. It was so stressful not knowing what the cause was.

I would like to see something done as one day someone will die. I certainly wouldn't want my daughter to go through that again. - Charmaine, Qld