I read your book because it was recommended by my son's counsellor. Although Mitchell is a bright boy, often selected for gifted programs at school, his behaviour was atrocious (severe temper, disruptive, tearful, moody, silly noises etc).

Since starting failsafe two months ago, he has had a huge turnaround. He is very proud of his new self and is just starting to believe in his own potential - potential we, as his parents, always knew he had.

Last week, Mitchell played his first basketball game as his new self. Usually he would vague off in the middle of the game and would never listen to instructions from his coach. He always wanted to play, but had little attention span. Mitchell was amazed at his ability with his new self (as was Dad). At the end of his training session he came off the court and said 'Wow, Dad, that was FUN!'

Thank you for 'Fed Up' I wish I'd found it sooner! - Michelle by email