Pre-failsafe, my eight year old daughter was mildly depressed, as well as lethargic, pale, anxious, dizzy and "spacy". Her amine challenge resulted in severe depression including bouts of suicidal thoughts and almost psychotic agitation. Based on pre-diet behaviours, she was classified as having a highly anxious temperament. A number of health professionals have told us they expect to see her back during her teenage years, meaning so they can give her antidepressants. However after two years failsafe she shows no signs of mental illness in any form and no longer seems a candidate for anxiety and depression.

I am only mildly food intolerant but an overdose of amines can give me the blues. My husband is moderately food intolerant and can get dark moods and negative thinking from amines. However neither of us have ever had full blown depression. - reader, Tas