Last year one of my children had a cottage pie from the school tuckshop and when she arrived home she complained of a headache, stomach cramps and had a skin rash. The next day I read the ingredients of the cottage pies in the tuckshop. They contained preservative, MSG and flavour enhancer 635. When I read about 635 on your web site I was stunned that a tuckshop would give this stuff to children, and I realized what had caused a rash on my other daughter. After eating some cooked chicken from a supermarket, she had developed an itchy red rash which covered her whole body and I had to give her an antihistamine tablet. At the time I couldn’t work out what had caused the rash. Another time she got a rash after eating some cooked chicken from the local small food store. I went to the shop to read the ingredients and sure enough the seasoning contained 635. I printed out the information from your website and gave it to the owner of the shop. They have not changed the seasoning and we have never again bought a cooked chicken from any store. - reader, Qld