After the birth of my first son I was diagnosed with post natal depression (PND) and had a few months on an antidepressant (Seroxat).

I was soon pregnant with my second son and while pregnant avoided alcohol (this later turned out to be important). During both pregnancies I ate well, although not failsafe, and felt great.

After my second son was born I was again diagnosed with PND and went back on Seroxat and I was on varying doses of that or similar medication altogether for 6 years. I needed them and they helped me. I could not have coped the first three years with all the stress going on in our lives.

My second son had been a very sick baby, I was stressed with him and an overactive toddler, and when things did balance out for the boys – when we went failsafe – we had a big move and I had a huge amount of stress again with that life change.

In addition, I visited psychologists on a regular basis, had light therapy, and tried other sorts of complementary therapies such as vitamins and herbal therapies but nothing that "replaced" the medication. All helped in various ways at different stages, particularly the first two.

Then eighteen months ago I went totally FAILSAFE and regained my life! I felt like the "old me", pre-children me was back. I had energy, wasn't continually tired, didn't have continual body aches, headaches and wasn't depressed. I didn't "need" red wine and cheese comforts (amines overloads, not to mention other preservatives). After about 5 years of lacking normal energy, and being down, this was and is cause for celebration.

So I celebrated with red wine and realised that this was a primary cause along with the amine overloads that had been causing MANY of my problems. I'm not a big drinker, but had fallen in the habit of sharing a bottle of wine once or twice a week with my husband.

I still find it hard to believe the difference I have gained in myself from mainly the diet change. I respond to high salicylates and medium amines, but the things that affect me worst have combinations of both, such as wine, cheese, and local hot dog sausages.

At its worst, with the depression I could and would burst into tears over nothing and worst of all lost all my energy. I needed afternoon sleeps as I couldn’t survive a day without them and just achieving half an ordinary persons daily tasks was a huge achievement for me. I don’t know what others thought of me, but I had a big battle coping over my body’s responses and why I couldn’t do more than make the beds and vacuum half the house in a day. If I did manage to do more on
a good day then I wrote myself off for a couple of days afterwards.

The biggest difference and what constantly surprises me is the return of energy. I had just thought I was overweight and unfit, which was partly true. But now since being failsafe, I can ride the three km into town and home again without a huge effort, and without training! It is just an example of the things that over five years I just took for granted that I couldn’t do – I had huge problems trying to keep to regular exercise, even mild walking programs as when I became depressed I lost all my energy. I notice it now when I challenge the amines.

I have now weaned myself off the tablets totally after taking them for six years. The medication really just masked the problem, it evened out my emotional highs and lows and made it possible to survive by avoiding the deep lows that threatened my life’s worthiness.

Over 5 months I weaned myself successfully from two daily capsules to one capsule every other day. Fist I tried "cold turkey" - which I don't recommend to anyone - but gave up by the fourth day due to dizziness and inability to focus, as well as nausea and more. Over winter I maintained one every second day (every day date divisible by two) and when spring came, extended the medication free days in-between until I was up to one tablet every 7 days. I missed one and then found I didn’t notice and haven’t taken one since. Despite another stressful period I have entered recently, I am managing well so long as I keep failsafe. - Reader, Europe