Keep up the absolutely fantastic work, you will be vindicated and become a mythical hero in the future (she-who-fought-the-beast-before-we-even-knew-it-was-there) ;-) – Roman, by email

My friend’s son who had suffered for years with fierce rashes on his body is now completely free of sores. I am totally in awe of your program, you are saving many children from a life of misery. – by email

Attention to preservatives and colours, particularly in sweets, like Neapolitan ice cream, jelly and flavoured milk has resolved my son’s bedwetting problem. – reader, NSW

The diet really isn't as bad as we first thought, now we know how much it helps. I've just come home from carols by candlelight at my new school, it was brilliant, but you should have seen all the red ‘Christmas’ food they were selling - I hate to think what the kids will be like tomorrow. Most of them were misbehaved and cranky on Friday. We weren't though. – Anita, aged 10.

We have managed our daughter's salicylate and amine sensitivity with failsafe eating for almost seven years now and are happy to report that her problems with salicylates are now much reduced, although amines are still a problem for her. (They tend to give her stomach pains and mood swings). She is now able to concentrate at school and has a circle of friends. We would like to thank you for your work and we are pleased that we never had to resort to medication for a girl
who could easily have been diagnosed as ADHD. – Gabrielle, Vic

We have been eating failsafe for nearly a year now. Our daughter is both amine and salicylate sensitive. Although we don’t always have things perfectly controlled, our lives are infinitely better. The improvements we have seen has meant my daughter and I could salvage our relationship which I had feared was being permanently, irreparably damaged. We now see the loving, compliant, creative, intelligent person that was trapped for so long. - Sally, by email

The paediatrician gave me your web address and I am so grateful. We have six children and I am amazed at the difference in all of them in the three weeks that we have been doing the failsafe booklet - I have even helped my husband and myself and my baby with problems I have no idea were food related. I borrowed Fed Up with ADHD from the library. It is like reading about my own children. - Sue, Qld

I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my family with our food-related illnesses. I feel like I finally understand the roller coaster that I have been on since a terrible case of food poisoning in 2000. Your book The Failsafe Cookbook is helping all of us be a happier and healthier family. My 2 year old is finally sleeping through the night and my husband is elated to have me ‘back to normal.’ Carolyn, NZ