I simply wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for your work. I have read and watched your website and interviews/DVD and find everything you say to be completely common sense. In fact, today on Christmas day I had my 74 year old Dad sit down and watch your DVD, so he can appreciate why we live and eat the way we do - and to help him see why we avoid treats like the ones so often given. I was raised on a dozen of soft drink, chips, meat and three veg and chocolate!!

We are very conscious of what food we eat, have an organic food box delivered weekly, and minimise the consumption of nasty foods to parties and the like for people who know no different (and aren’t about to listen!!).

We realise that our children behave differently when they have certain foods (mostly manic crazy behaviour and a complete lack of ability to listen or focus, lots of running around, shouting, and animated hand movements) but find it so hard to eliminate it completely from the homes of others. Luckily many of our friends eat in the same way as we do.

I wanted to tell you a little story about our oldest son. He is four this coming March and I asked him ‘Do you know what McDonald’s is, mate?’

‘Yes’ he said and laughed at me and told me that I was a duffa for not knowing. ‘It’s old McDonald had a farm!!!’

He is yet to go to the Golden Arches for anything more than a water at the drive through and has no idea of the marketing pull those companies have, as we avoid mainstream TV and instead have some quiet time every now and then with chosen DVDs appropriate for their age. We are so lucky to have such wise little people in our lives, who are happy being nurtured on fresh whole foods (as they know nothing else!) Thank you for helping us feel safe and happy in our decisions, and to know that we can happily be different based on solid scientific evidence that we are doing a great thing for our children. – Donna, Vic