I have four children: two adult children, and two under the age of 5 years. My adult children muddled along in the world, not knowing much about all the bad things in particular foods. However, looking back I can see they too would have benefited from this way of life.

My youngest two though, have multiple intolerances. It is just amazing to watch. Because I had a 17 years gap between my children, I have seen first hand the difference between the years. What I grew up with was home cooked things. My adult children had combination of home and 'very occasional' takeaways. However, my youngest children, both know all the main take out places ie Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc. It shows the difference in how we live now.

I have started on three separate occasions with the elimination diet with success each time. It has only been through inconvenience that each time I have gradually allowed the bad items to creep back in to their diet. Once it gets crazy around home again I realise I must stick to what I know they can and can't have!

This time around, both children and one granddaughter have been ‘detoxing’ for fours days, and the improvement is out of sight yet again. I actually had a peaceful drive for 15 minutes yesterday. Usually I am repeatedly telling them to stop the unruly behaviour, the silly noises, the repetitiveness, the fighting, the whining etc and the list goes on. Yesterday I had to look in the mirror to see if they were asleep! How nice.

I just want to thank you so much for showing an interest in not only what was happening in your own family, but to extend that and show all who want to listen that what is happening to our children (and us) is not normal. That we can help what is happening to our bodies. – Cathryn, Tas