I have to thank you for your support and time around 12 years ago with our daughter who is intolerant to salicylates. It took us a long time to work out the problems and then finally we were put on to a paediatric dietician who recommended we read your book Different Kids. I spent the night reading your book crying and laughing the night through and knew that this was my daughter and we had to follow through with the dietary program. We have always been great with fresh food and little use of preservatives in food, once reading this book we realised that it can be good food that can cause our problems. We spent the next 6 months working through all the things that she was intolerant too and living a much happier life. My daughter is now 15 years old and has now become aware of her own intolerances and works her diet out accordingly. It made such a difference to our lives and hers. We could not thank you enough for the inspirations and understanding that we were not the only people with this problem. It still brings a tear to my eye when I remember that night reading your book and a whole new world opened up to us. We have talked about that night to many people who were having problems with children’s behaviors. We just could not commend the elimination diet enough, it changed out lives forever. – Kathy by email