I have had my 7 year-old daughter on an additive free diet (eliminating colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers and synthetic antioxidants) for one week and I cannot thank you enough. I have got my beautiful girl back. Looking back now I can see that she has probably always been intolerant of additives. The dramatic change in her in nothing short of amazing. Getting to sleep was always a major problem. Extremely emotional outbursts were constant, this is only to mention a couple of problems we were dealing with. The last two nights she has fallen to sleep within 20 minutes of going to bed. It used to take anything up to 2 and a half hours (frustrating for both of us). This morning I was able to brush her hair without tears for the first time in her life.

Two months later … She is still going along really well and we have been able to add back some food back into her diet. The main ones she had reacted to are orange flavour and Twisties and any take-away food along the lines of McDonalds burgers or Hungry Jacks.- Kerri, by email