Fragrances have been my bugbear for years, and I find if I go anywhere where there are fragrances, I am usually ‘unwell’ for 2 - 3 days afterward depending on the length of time of exposure. As a consequence, I try to avoid doing my shopping myself, and also avoid attending church in the hot weather, as this increases the effects of the fragrances in the air. – Merryn, Vic

When I was a child I used to be unreasonably uncomfortable when in the hairdresser, and could not handle being around people with strong deodorant or aftershave or perfume, and I still can't. - Michael (now 25), NSW

I always get a rash from perfumes but never suspected that perfume could be the cause of my headaches too, until I read your website. - Marilyn, Qld

I read in your newsletter about a mum who has trouble with her kids when she enters shops and toilets – in the past I have bought various ‘Impulse’ type body sprays, and within a few minutes I feel anxious and very touchy. – Michelle, by email