I just thought I’d tell you that although my cardiologist never questioned my diet, after two hospitalizations in emergency for ventricular arrhythmia, and nearly two years of fearing for my life, feeling my heart jumping all over the place, and being miserable, I finally linked a very bad episode to a wedding and consumption of red wine, and then to the foods in my cupboard. Since eliminating sulphites, I have had NO problems. None of the medication I was given worked, (medication rarely does for arrhythmia). I wonder why didn’t anyone mention this, not when I went to the doctor, not when I was in hospital fearing I was going to die. I’ve tested this three times, having been ‘arrythmia free’ for months, and then drunk champagne or wine, eaten foods (everything you would normally eat and drink at a function) and each time, 4 to six hours after, my heart goes crazy and I can’t sleep for the whole night. It’s like I’m ‘buzzing’ and restless, with my heart banging around. This is the honest truth, I have no symptoms, and I’m medication free, and even felt so good I’ve got back into exercise without fear of dropping dead! It’s been six months (since the wedding that triggered the biggest attack ever, and the linking to red wine), that I’ve been 220 free, and free of symptoms (apart from the three ‘tests’ which were one night tests). The link was obviously cumulative, the more 220 over the day the worse the problem that night and the next days. Alcohol with 220 is a big trigger - so much for drinking red wine every night for your health! My normal diet was toxic, I was eating Vegemite, sun-dried tomatoes, dips, fruit juice cordial, I ate cereal with dried fruit (and 220) every morning, and sauces (it’s in everything) and consumed dried fruit as snacks, thinking it was ‘good for me’. Only asthma is mentioned on the official government additive information site, but this is a message I wish could get out, so others could at least try it, as it won’t cause harm to avoid this preservative - Michiko, WA (has anyone else experienced a problem like this with sulphites? - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)