My son had been diagnosed with ADHD last year but I have refused medication. After picking him up from school early again, I thought I may have no option but to consider medication as a serious option. I google searched and your book popped up and from the afternoon I started my kids on the diet. Amazingly the results were seen the next day when my son actually completed a test at school (and received 100%). He never would sit at a desk long enough to even start a test let alone ace one. His teacher asked what had I done to my son because she never had seen him so engaged in the classroom. I purchased the book the next weekend and started to try to learn more about the options available. It is difficult and easy at the same time, and well worth it. Today my children had a treat (slice of non-failsafe shop-purchased cake) and I could see the adverse effects almost immediately, I know I have to continue with the diet if my children (especially my son) are to succeed and I believe I am lucky I found failsafe - Victoria, ACT.