A few days ago I had the most wonderful son all day. Just a little mild irritability, nothing major in the morning and evening and then the most delightful child. He was fun, and calm and for the first time I have ever observed, patient. He was keen to learn, and produced interesting drawings. He was working quietly (yes quietly) on a computer game, and managed to persevere with a difficult problem without giving up after the first or second attempt screaming. He was considerate rather than demanding. I asked him if he liked how he felt and he did. I told him that the new food he was eating was helping stop his tantrums. He said I was very clever for figuring out that food was the problem and that he didn’t like having tantrums. My son was such a joy that it was like someone had given me a different child in my son’s body. For the first time, I enjoyed being a mother and loved spending time with him - Miranda, Qld.