I have been so inspired by Failsafe, I feel like I have a different child from the utter brat five weeks ago. My seven year-old had got to the point of having no friends, was to be suspended from school, was continually at the principal’s office, hitting and biting both parents etc. I had numerous meetings with his teacher, he was seeing the school counsellor, psychologists, psychiatrists, social skills training, but no change was occurring. My husband and I were in constant disagreement with him and each other over his behaviour. This is the 5th week he has been on the diet, and he is becoming the lovely child I always knew he could be. He's affectionate, quietly spoken, well behaved and non-violent. Games and toys which were banned due to his anger have been given back to him, he's keen to converse and work hard at school. He has stated that he doesn't hear the voices telling him to be bad any more, and his eyes are clear and focused. Best of all, he has fully embraced the diet, mainly as it consists of many of his favourite foods - pikelets, french toast, pancakes, white chocolate and vanilla icecream. Knowing that he was allowed to have these on his diet was a great selling point. He will check if he is allowed to have something and is happy if the answer is 'no'. I try to offer alternatives to him, to keep him happy and to show him that it's not a punishment to be on the diet, that there are alternatives. He had an outing with his father last weekend, and said that he had Macdonalds, and enjoyed the look of horror on my face, only to tell me he was joking. He's even helping me to cook his favourites - Merrill, by email.