My 9 year-old daughter has a severe reaction to flavour enhancer 635. The first time she came into contact with this additive was eating BBQ flavoured rice crackers. At the time she was 6 years old. She ate four crackers and complained that her tongue was feeling all 'tingly'. I advised her to stop eating the crackers. Her taste buds had swollen to around four times their normal size. I allowed her just a few crackers a few days later to see if she had a similar reaction which she did (thankfully it didn't affect her throat but I did warn her to let me know if she got breathless etc). I then banned anything to be brought into the house with this additive number. We then tried cheese-flavoured crackers - no 635 but did contain 631 and 627. Again the same reaction. I have since learnt from your website that these two additives make up the combination known as 635.

I now carefully check all labels and have advised anyone else who may be feeding my child (birthday parties included) that this is a major issue with her. I am just very grateful that I didn't need to seek outside medical advice as I know not all doctors, hospitals etc will accept this verdict. I have tried her a few more times on these additives and we always have the same result. I always ensure that we have a Ventolin puffer and antihistamines handy before trying these foods. After having these additives she feels terrible for the next two days - feels sick in the stomach, headaches, occasionally also feels ‘shaky on the inside’. She had a similar reaction to a Pluto Pup (battered sausage on a stick) but I couldn't get an ingredient list. I only assume that the additives were in the food - by email, Qld [For anyone with symptoms like this, I recommend total avoidance of 627, 631 and 635 as some people have progressed from symptoms like this to life-threatening anaphylactoid reactions S]