I had been giving Cottees Fruit Cup Crush to my 3-yr-old son and 2-yr-old daughter for the past week, knowing I had checked the ingredients and thought it was safe because there were no additive 'numbers' listed in the ingredients list!! I knew it contained a preservative called sodium benzoate, but it wasn't listed as a 'number' and therefore I thought it was harmless. I thought ‘finally something my kids could drink!’

To then realise this morning after reading your article in the Sunday Examiner that sodium benzoate is actually preservative 211. I was horrified! Not only do you have to look for additive numbers, BUT ALSO NAMES!!!!!!! How can companies do this to us ... knowing WHAT they are doing??? !!!

I am now learning and understanding your outrage at this, and your consequent plea and cry for desperate measures to be taken to reach mums and dads. To reach everyone, everywhere for that matter, because everyday we are being lied to, tricked, conned, call it what you will! But this is impacting my kids and their future!! Even us adults! – Katherine, by email