I can't express how elated my entire family was to discover failsafe eating about five years ago. We have all benefited especially my granddaughter Zoe who was around three (and eating lots of bread with 282) at the time and out of control. She screamed most of the time, threw tantrums, tried to hurt her baby sister, threw anything within her reach, was so so angry with the world and wet the bed most nights. My daughter who was a single mum at the time would ring me up in despair and I would go and help her to give her a break. One day Zoe just sat on the floor and screamed and screamed. I asked her what was the matter, why was she so sad and she said she didn't know she just couldn't stop crying.

I was working as a Teacher's Aide Special and I happened to mention Zoe's behaviour to the teacher I was working with and she told me about your book Fed Up. She brought the book in for me to read and it was like a gift from heaven. Zoe's mum started her on the diet straight away and what a new child we had within days. The screaming stopped, the tantrums stopped, the bed wetting stopped and she started to smile and laugh again. A happy little girl at last. She is almost nine now and a most delightful intelligent child who puts all her energy into dancing and singing. However, on occasions when she does eat ‘Cranky food’ she goes off the deep end or ‘cuckoo’ as her sister says. Zoe is now aware of what she can and can't eat. When we went shopping she would carry the list of ‘Avoid these Food Additives’ but now she just remembers them.

I put myself on the diet as well as I was suffering severe hot flushes (see story [679] Menopausal symptoms, hot flushes and failsafe]. ... My entire family believes in Failsafe and we all avoid the nasties and live a healthier happier life. The funny thing is I am like a tester for Zoe: if I react then so does she.

I will just add that my daughter now has a 5-week-old baby boy - she stuck to failsafe while she was pregnant and she is still on it now while she is breast feeding and her little boy is the best baby, feeds and sleeps. - by email