Regarding my dissatisfaction with Smarties. I've just discovered that the UK smarties are using natural colours rather than artificial colours. I'm just wondering (as a very concerned parent of two small children) why the hell the Australian division of Nestle haven't followed lead WITHOUT relying on complaints from concerned potential buyers. It is the same for quite a few products including jelly. We the consumers shouldn't need to complain before a product is changed.

Nestle, you are a world wide company making profit at the cost of your consumers health. Isn't it YOUR best interests (including your shareholders pockets) to try to ensure your customers live a LONG and HEALTHY life (so they can buy more of your products of course!) And the only way to accomplish this profitable long term bottom line is to ensure ALL your products meet the highest of standards to ensure they are as healthy and natural as possible. Not to mention that it is a marketers dream to have their company turn ‘green’ during the current healthy, green and natural consumer push. – by email