I just wanted to let you know that some people with salicylate sensitivity do not just react to NSAIDS. Cox2 inhibitors such as Celebrex can also be a concern in 5-10 per cent of people. I fall into this group and I am unable to take any prescription anti-inflammatories apart from prednisolone. Fish oil (if tolerated in high doses) is an excellent alternative for me and thought your readers may benefit from this. It was known that I had reactions to NSAIDS and aspirin yet when I was trialled on Cox 2 no mention was made that there could be a possible cross reaction (http://www.allergy.org.au/patients/about-allergy/65-aer/general/105-allergic-reactions-to-aspirin-and-other-pain-killers). I was basically told that I was unusual without any explanation other than for me to try others would be life threatening. If it helps one other person to know that this is possible then what I went through is worth it. – by email, Vic

(For more about fish oil supplements - the writer of this email does not react to amines and is using Blackmores fish oil)