We have seen some huge improvements in my 6-year-old son’s nocturnal eneuresis. He had not had any dry nights since he was 3 years old. After making the changes below he started to have some dry nights (3-4 a week). Now he has been dry for the last 9 nights.

• we have started him on A2 milk

• we used to have a jug of diluted orange juice in the fridge, now the kids drink mainly water with the occasional magic cordial.

• he was eating broccoli almost every night and we have not had any for 4 weeks now

• I have been more diligent in not buying any products with preservative 282 in it

• generally more aware of products full of additives, colours and preservatives since hearing you speak and reading your books

• our son did love to eat salami and ham (deli), so he has not had this for 4 weeks.

His bladder capacity is so much bigger and he can hold on for longer in the day. His mood swings are virtually resolved and you can reason with him if he is wanting something that is not appropriate, food or otherwise. My husband and I can both see that he is more confident in himself and sociable, making him a lovely child to be around. He usually has redipred once or twice in winter for exacerbation of asthma symptoms, but so far has not required any this winter, despite having a cold last week, so that is looking positive. Thank you for motivating me to review what I was putting in my family’s mouths. We don't have access to fast foods living in the country, so that was never an issue. With a few simple changes to my son's diet, the improvements have been remarkable. The whole family is now reaping the benefit of these changes and so will continue to be more aware of what is in the food that we are eating. Thanks again for your passion and drive. – Paula, NSW