We have been on failsafe eating for just over 2 weeks. I am already starting to notice an improvement in my 6-year-old’s behaviour and picking up on certain foods that send him off the wall. I attended school last Friday with him for a picnic lunch and had to ring my husband to tell him how great our son was and it was actually a pleasure to be there with him. It is like I have my beautiful boy back again. I noticed he has been laughing at things on the tv which I haven't heard for a long time. Even his older brothers have said they thought he has been better.

By the way my 14-year-old son who thought it was all a conspiracy theory between mothers to get their kids off junk food came home from school and said ‘mum I know I didn't believe you but I actually had the best day at school today, I felt happy I could concentrate and had heaps of energy, maybe there is something to this eating programme’, and that's from my cruisy easy going child. – Maria, NSW