Two years ago I became ill in the same manner as the ladies in story [641] 220: Two reports of sore throat and cold-like symptoms due to fruit cake May 2008. I had major headaches, sore throat, swollen glands, and then the side of my face began to swell. At first, I thought it was an insect bite and that I had a slight cold at the same time. But each day, my face was more swollen and my eye was barely opened. The doctor gave me antibiotics as he thought it was infected sinuses. It slowly got better, but at the time I was having dried fruit and white wine. My problems started again at Xmas time with a slice of plum pudding - home made from packaged dried fruit - and a glass of wine with lunch. I worked out myself that it was the sulphites and avoided them as best I could. Months later I had a problem with my teeth and X-rays showed I had two abscesses. The sulphites had been making such a reaction with the abcesses that my face had completely blown up. I have had the teeth fixed but still have problems with my throat if I touch these chemicals. – Carol by email