I found your book about 10 months ago after my four year old son Jacob was hospitalised for an asthma attack combined with the dreaded influenza A that children were dying of. Well, that was enough to scare me into action. We started the diet as soon as I had finished reading the book and soon the children all became well …I couldn't remember a time when Jacob hadn't had a snotty nose or cough.

Then three months ago, Jacob’s behaviour started to escalate. He also developed this phlegm that he couldn’t seem to get rid of. He wasn’t sick as such, no temperature just a very phlegmy cough. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was an irritation and would never go away. Well I didn’t believe that for a second because it went away when we first started the diet.

Jacob’s behaviour was so awful I was at the end of my tether to the point where I didn't want my husband to leave the house and leave me with the kids. I went to your checklist of common mistakes (I thought I had the diet down pat by now). It said Annatto 160b - in the soy yoghurt I was giving the kids. So I started making my own and after a week I had a little angel again. Unbelievable. No more Annatto 160b for our family - never again.

But Jacob still had the cough. Then I stopped making soy yoghurt for a week. Jacob drinks ricemilk instead of soy milk anyway and I noticed a difference in his phlegm. After three weeks without soy, the phlegm, snotty nose and funny rings under his eyes had gone. He also stopped wetting the bed, and that returned when I made a slip up recently. – Carolyn, SA