I have a son aged seven and a daughter aged five. Both were affected by 635 from birth - I breast fed them both for nearly 12 months while eating foods such as flavoured chips and pizza. They reacted quite differently to 635 and we were very surprised it turned out to be the same thing.

Our son had a rash over the thighs and sometimes the whole leg, bottom and trunk, worse at some times than others and very rarely on his face. He had nappy rash badly a few times.

Our daughter had the rash mainly behind the knees and elbow, sometimes on the bottom.

Because the rash was always there - although some times really bad and other times just there - we thought it had to be something they were exposed to all the time. We were thinking wheat, dairy, dust mite, fruits, veg, etc - but something always didn't ring true because of the varying degrees of prevalence of the rash.

We went to a doctor who did a skin prick test on each of the children. Our son had a slight nut allergy and our daughter had a slight egg allergy. Some of the other things were also slightly elevated but not really what he thought would be causing their problems. So he suggested we go dairy-free, wheat-free and soy-free for three weeks. We started by re-introducing dairy first, but I didn't do it properly (I gave cheese, etc - thought we could do all dairy!!). So, we went back to the DFWFSF diet again for a bit. All was going well, and their skin was quite good (we were starting to think one of these must be the culprit).

When my son was five and my daughter was three, I was going out one night and decided to get ‘Honey Soy Chicken’ from the deli at the supermarket as an easy tea - they'd had it before many times (though obviously not since starting the diet. Our son started eating it and was complaining about his mouth feeling funny. He had a few more mouthfuls but kept complaining heaps. ‘Stop eating the chicken’. Was soy our culprit? The next day his skin was an absolute mess and continued to get worse for a few days. I went down to Coles and asked to look at the ingredient list - Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw the number 635 and something triggered (I had briefly looked at ‘Fed Up’ trying to find some information on triggers for eczema) and I went to your website. Reading through some of the stories about others experiences with 635 - the puzzle pieces started coming together.

The fact that the symptoms last 2-3 weeks explained why sometimes the rashes were really bad and at other times they seemed to be not too bad. We thought that we had our son’s skin culprit - we couldn't believe that it was also our daughter’s!! We took 635, 631 and 627 out of their diet and within four weeks their skin was perfect and remained so. We stopped the diet and began living.

By observation we believe our children do react to other things (behaviourally) - colours, salicylates and amines.

The foods with 635, 627, 631 that affected our children included barbecue shapes, two minute noodle sachets, party pies and sausage rolls, flavoured chips, rice crackers, pizza, tinned soup, cocktail saveloys and many others. They were all foods that were easy to take out of their diet - no sacrifice at all.

Their skin is fantastic now and has been ever since the honey soy chicken episode!! They are very aware of the numbers that affect them and always ask before they eat anything. We have had a few ‘accidents’ and the skin break out that comes with it ... aaaarrrrgh! These have generally come from things that are unlabelled - eg delivered pizza, restaurant meals, take-aways. Still, because we understand what is happening we know how long it takes to go and ride it out. – Lisa, Tas