Our little boy was a perfect baby who turned into a terror overnight at about 18 months when we started giving him adult yogurt containing artificial colours. It took a little while for us to figure it out but two days after stopping the yogurt, he became an angel again! We'd managed to figure this out for ourselves but were perplexed when he'd have 'episodes' of difficult behaviour even though we thought we'd eliminated all artificial additives. Your book was a revelation. We are now aware of the not-so-obvious additives and think our little boy has a mild sensitivity to too many salicylates.

My husband and I are also happier, healthier and more relaxed now that we have eliminated additives etc from our lives. I now look back on times in my life when I suffered from insomnia, anxiety and stress and can see that this could have been attributed to my diet of commercial pasta sauce and cheap wine. We are all so much better off now... so thank you so much! – Nikki, NSW