I recently had a case of cystitis (or urinary tract infection) - fairly mild but still uncomfortable.

I didn't want to try herbal remedies because I knew they weren't failsafe but in the end I did because I was so desperate!! "OUCH" is all I can say about the whole experience. None of the herbs or naturopathic remedies I tried did anything at all to help relieve the infection and as expected, a fresh herbal mixture from a naturopath made me feel terrible - fuzzy head and a terrible night's sleep with lots of weird dreams!

Luckily, after some frantic research, I found info on d-mannose and it was the only thing that finally worked for me. Once I got some of the powder, I started taking a dose every two hours for a few days and it gave me relief very quickly and cleared the problem within days. Having been an IBS sufferer (pre-Failsafe) I was worried I might get some adverse reactions from it but it didn't seem to bother my tummy.

I'm also staying well clear of the salicylates too. I definitely agree that they are a contributing factor (they really do cause their fair share of problems don't they!) – Jodie, by email