I have had painful bladder syndrome for over four years now. I have no damage to my bladder lining so in Australia it is not called Interstitial Cystitis but I have hypersensitivity of the bladder nerves which gives me constant bladder discomfort. Diet could not control completely so now I take Lyrica and Endep to calm the nerve pain. In the US this would fall under the general umbrella of Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

My symptoms presented after a series of bad UTI's. I started to get burning after wine and coffee: well known bladder irritants. But as time went on I started to react to many foods and my bladder became more and more hypersensitive. In the US a million people have IC and one of the methods of self management is diet. Many people control it this way without medication. Generally people eliminate coffee, wine, vitamins, spices and a lot of fruits and tomato. The clue for me was the awful reaction I had to blood thinners after surgery. Thinking I had another UTI. No it was a reaction to a huge dose of salicylates. It is interesting that common bladder irritants are all high in natural and in wine artificial chemicals especially salicylates. I am still struggling to fine tune the RPAH diet as the bladder reacts to many other things like hormones, sex, stress but generally the diet suggested as the 'rescue diet' for IC is pears, rice, chicken, milk and green beans all low chemical has always helped settle my symptoms. - by email