I would like to thank you for your wonderful book and website supporting the diet. Now we are in the full swing of it and have seen the difference, we share your horror at the unnecessary chemicals that are in our diet. I have become the crusader amongst our group of friends (many with preschool aged children) for feeding families "like Grandma used to".

My favourite line at the moment is "You have to think, when our parents were young, they ate apples, pears, maybe the occasional orange. All the other stuff - like Watermelon, Strawberries, Grapes - was a luxury and MAY have been eaten on special occasions". The other is to point out to people that the "Healthy Food Pyramid" that is drummed into us at every turn, that we should be eating, only suggests 2 serves of fruit a day. If this is, for the majority of the time, two pears or a pear and a delicious apple, I am sure my children (day 3 reactors!) will 'survive' in this world!

Update …. You will be pleased to know that we are now almost 4 months into the diet, and are so happy with the change in our children. Not only has their behaviour changed we have now noticed that we have had two other (surprising!) results:

• The boys had recurrent tonsillitis (once every five-six weeks for the past 18 months) which they have no longer have ... we had refused the operation before Christmas (to get tonsils and adenoids out) because we didn't want them to go under a general anaesthetic and were hoping the diet would help. And yay! It has!
• Our boys normally start preventers for asthma at the end of Feb and go through until at least November ... We haven't used preventers, or even relievers once since starting the diet.

So ... whilst we started mainly for behaviour, we have so many great other effects. - Jenny, NSW