I have been failsafe for over 4 years now and my life has changed dramatically because of it. Before I tried the diet I was constantly unwell with chronic sinus and hayfever, period problems, varied stomach problems and lethargy. The worst thing was the asthma - it was getting so bad I couldn’t read a book to my children or talk on the phone for very long. Every day was a struggle to get through.

I have found out that I am intolerant to gluten, salicylates, amines, preservative etc. Since starting the diet, I haven’t had asthma medication for over 4 years - it is wonderful to be able to breathe.

Other things the diet helped me with are: changing a constant huge amount of phlegm to a small amount; getting rid of my permanent blocked nose; no more constant colds and infections (sinus and chest); changed daily headaches to rare ones; improved PMT and periods a large amount; got rid of my constant indigestion and reflux; removed the permanent frown from my face and changed it to a smile!!

I now have lots of energy and do Boxercise classes which I would never have been able to manage before. Going up a hill on my daily walk is no longer a problem. It is great to have so much energy.

I want to thank you so much for your book, it has changed my life. I just wish doctors would tell you about trying different diets to help asthma - I could have done with knowing years ago! – Rosemaree, SA (first provided in 2005 then updated as above)