I had ulcerative colitis with associated liver problems and spontaneous bruising, I was a mess. The doctors were talking about a possible liver transplant in ten years. My job meant I travelled and ate out frequently. I kept telling the doctors I thought it was something to do with food but I couldn't pinpoint what it was. Then I quit my job, stopped eating out, ate very simple food and got better. My last liver function test was quite good. I asked my doctors, "Don't you want to hear about this because it could help someone else?" They weren't interested.

When I did the Liver Cleansing Diet, I spent three weeks in bed, feeling dreadful. Then I did the RPAH Elimination diet and found I was sensitive to salicylates and amines (that are especially high in the Liver Cleansing Diet).  I found that dairy foods, gluten and food additives could cause problems too. Sulphite preservatives in dried fruit were the worst. - by email, Melbourne (from page 52, Fed Up)