Your website is a real life saver for all us FED UP with Doctors & Medical Industry & Food Manufacturers - Cher by email

I have a mast cell activation disorder that seems to result in amine and salicylate sensitivity, but I have felt much, much better since discovering failsafe eating – Monica by email.

I just want to say a huge thank you to yourself, Sue and your team of volunteers. We have managed to keep both our children off all medication for hyperactivity and ADHD diagnosis through your diet and recommendations. Whilst it is hard and we slip up - it is worth it. - Leonie, Sydney

The information and support I had from your food intolerance network changed my life incredibly at a time when I really couldn't see an end to the challenges I was experiencing ... and for this I will be forever indebted to you both ... I continually forward people onto your website and books for help – Tina by email

Thank you Sue, we are so blessed that you willingly share your knowledge ... and truly care about people. – Joy, by email

I knew I react to glutamates and I believed intolerance to gluten but I recently went on holiday and ate bread daily - I normally eat bread about once a week – and had very few fruit and vegetables and felt like a different person, looks like a lot more reading and strict elimination may have to be carried out now - Sharon, by email

From your fantastic website I have just found a local butcher who makes failsafe sausages! - by email

I am currently seeing a dietitian for my salicylate problem, which is helping me heaps. I am not on the full strict diet any more as we have worked out I can tolerate Low and a couple of Moderate level foods but if I have too many then the problems start up. I didn't know about medication and perfumes, so I am going to go through my cabinet and start to replace. The funny thing was I didn't link my problems with my daughter’s problems with behaviour until I was reading your website and now I see how it is all linked. - Fiona, Qld