About a month after being home from the hospital [for severe salicylate-sensitive asthma], I was wanting something to snack on and thought that I could eat the rice krispies type cereal, dry, as a crunchy snack. Interestingly, the first salicylate list they gave me had BHT/BHA and tartrazine listed on it. But I never looked at the label on the cereal. I just assumed that cereals were ok. Within 30 minutes of eating the rice krispies, I was wheezing, had hives, was itching and eyes swelled. Wasn't a super bad reaction, but bad enough to have to use medicines for it. We thought, this certainly couldn't be the cereal but it was the only thing that I had consumed different that day. When we looked at the label on the box, it said that the packaging had BHT in it. I couldn't figure out why they would put it in the packaging when it was the cereal they were trying to preserve!! But I did react and being that it wasn't quite as bad as most of my reactions are, I figured that the BHT from the packaging was enough to get into the cereal and give me that reaction. But just to be certain that it wasn't the malt I was reacting to that was in the cereal, we went to the health food store and bought some plain, rice krispies with just the rice and sugar, no preservatives, no fruit juices, etc...and I didn't react. From that moment on, I tried to make sure that I didn't ingest BHT or BHA. – reader from USA.