In my opinion the worst food additives are those in the range of antioxidants 310-312 and 319-321 "The Nasty Antioxidants". As antioxidants are not considered to be preservatives (by regulators), and the suppliers/manufactures are not required to list these on the label, they are the most frustrating additives by far. At least with colours, you can readily see them and hence avoid them. Same with most other additives, they are usually on the labels in some sort of description. But the good old nasty antioxidants are secret unless you go to extreme lengths to ask the supplier of the food and then the manufacturer of the contents eg. vegetable oil what exactly are in their oils.

There are alternatives to the nasty antioxidants which are failsafe and haven't been associated with cancer in rats and possible genetic changes and also nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium and collapse, children's behaviour just to name a few.

Even 'safe' foods like 'natural' ice cream cones can't be trusted. They change their oils on a regular basis and also the use of antioxidants from friendly ones (300-309) to nasty ones (310-321). I only found this out after my son experienced an ADVERSE REACTION to these cones and I telephoned the supplier and was told that they had changed their oil and it included BHA (320) & tBHQ (319).

What hope have we got for our children and ourselves if such nasty things are HIDDEN in our foods? I would just love for my son to be able to tolerate eating the occasional fish 'n chips on a Friday night just like I used to when I was a child. Is that so much to ask for? – mother from Victoria.