I am new to failsafe and have discovered that we didn't have a lot to change but what we have has made an enormous difference!

The biggest shock to me was the fruit and vege as the girls ate quite a lot of these, mainly grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples and bananas with oranges and mandarins more recently (they are 5, 4 and 2 years old), and carrots, broccoli and zucchini with pumpkin and potato. I will be switching the 'bad' ones to the ones you have listed (not sure how I am going to go with this as only one girl likes pears and I can hear the protest to the cabbage now!).

We have never eaten a lot of takeaway as I have horribly sensitive skin (eczema and acne) and tend to avoid bread as it wreaks havoc with my tummy. I always believed fast foods made me (and since the children, them) feel awful the next day, not to mention the appalling behavior. There are lots of reasons for us trying failsafe, those I mentioned, then my husband has recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and is asthmatic (worse I have learnt on sulphites). Our 4 year old is our test in life I am sure and she is the one in particular that reacts to artificial colours and preservatives.

We have long been eating mountain flat rye wraps in place of bread, especially on weekends for lunches and now they are more frequent during the week in lunchboxes. I usually bake all our smoko stuff and am more convinced than ever to continue doing that (just this morning we made the shortbread and cupcakes from your cookbook). I am much more aware now of Lily's reaction in particular to preservatives and salicylates and am starting to notice some reactions in our 2 year old. Funnily, the reaction does not seem as bad in the 5 year old, but I can see some things that she is sensitive too, especially since she seems to get rather nasty to her sisters after she eats those things, mostly the high salicylates.

Terrible thing when you start to look - just what I have been feeding my children and why they have been the way they have in terms of behaviour. I thought I was doing well too as we never had cordial or potato crisps and VERY rarely had lollies or other 'junk food'. I bought the organic fruit and vege and cooked most of our food myself.

Just a little story for you, we went out to dinner on Friday night for a celebration. Of course the children's menu was awful (chicken, fish or sausages, all with chips) and I thought to myself 'this will be interesting' as I had had Lily 'safe' for almost 2 weeks. The girls chose chicken and chips (the chicken was crumbed strips) and after they had finished eating the waitress bought them a bowl of ice cream with strawberry topping each. Before we left the restaurant Lily started yelling and screaming, crying, being really rude, obnoxious and just horrible. I left with her while my husband finished up and paid for the meal because she was unbearable. The next day was quite a treat too! All this within 15-20 minutes of eating the meal. As they say, the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the whole meal)! – Cindy, Qld