My daughter cried a lot as a baby and suffered with severe asthma from a few months old.  When I sought a doctor's advice there was not much support with the excessive crying but she was prescribed medication to treat the asthma. The medication did relieve the breathing but it hyped her up and caused agitation.  At about the age of two I took her to a different doctor, she was really sick and he even considered that she may have Cystic Fibrosis due to the severity of the condition.
I breastfed and I now believe that breastfeeding may not have been the best option because our diet often consisted of tomato based pasta dishes, and also fruit and vegetables that I now know have a high salicylate content, which of course would have filtered to the baby.
As the years passed we were dealing with agitation, temper outbursts and ADHD-type behaviours although I never considered that she suffered from this condition and as a mother I always felt compassion and concern, and was desperate to find out what was causing this behaviour and severe agitation in this beautiful little girl. On the rare occasions that I would address the problem with a doctor in many ways I was relieved that a diagnosis was not offered because I did not want her on medications that are usually prescribed.
When she was 10 years of age I decided I needed to address this once again. Here is what turned out to be the answer:
I had made a doctor’s appointment to have one last go at getting to the bottom of this. I once again hoped the doctor did not suggest medication because even though I wanted help I really did not feel comfortable going down this road.

I was finishing my preparation to leave for the appointment. I had the radio and SUE DENGATE came on at that moment to speak about food allergies and intolerances. I could not believe it, I hadn't heard of Sue before but I thought "I have to listen to this", so I quickly turned the volume. Sue mentioned various additives and preservatives which affect many people but I still did not totally think that was what it was for my daughter. Then Sue mentioned SALICYLATES, immediately I found a pen and wrote it down (I had never heard of it before). I listened to the remainder of the radio presentation and then walked out the door.
The doctor still really did not have much to offer. So I asked him "have you ever heard of Salicylates?" He said he had, so I further asked he had any lists of the foods that contain salicylates which fortunately he did and gave it to me.
Reading about salicylates and learning where they are helped me to eliminate the foods from her diet and this was the answer. Life soon improved for everyone especially our daughter, including no more asthma. This is my story and I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to Sue for her wonderful work. – Lisa, SA