It was great to have the opportunity to meet you at the Brisbane roadshow. It felt like I was meeting my all time favourite rock star. I was quite awe struck. Listening to you speak motivated me to keep my son going on the food plan.
After the presentation, I made an appointment to see the dietitian you recommended. It was a lengthy trip but well worth it. For the next month we are transitioning my son to a gluten and dairy free diet, increasing his protein and calcium intake (protein has been difficult as we are vegetarians) and stopping the soy products as well. I agreed to allow him to try some chicken (your suggestion) and white fish. As our dietitian pointed out, it's a trial. Some children improve, some remain the same but at the moment it's a question mark regarding my son's behaviour. We started the transition last Thursday and the Vitasoy Rice milk, added with a teaspoon of icing sugar (dietitan’s suggestion) has been a huge hit. Calcium intake no longer a problem.
To be completely honest I was hoping she would tell me the Amine/Salicylate dilemma was all rubbish so I could go back to living on Easy Street and feed my son all his favourite behaviour changing foods. When I asked her opinion she merely looked at me and asked what were my results from the challenges we had done. Aggressive, out of control behaviour with Amines and restless, silly behaviour from Salicylates. Not just my observations but also that of his Kindergarten (he is there for his second year). No more said really.
Thank you once again for all the effort you have put in regarding food intolerances. – Liz, Qld