'Thanks for all the work you've done on food additives and the effects they have on people. Without it, I would never have tracked down the weird heart palpitations and early morning panic attacks I have after eating ribonucleotides - Lynne by email.

Your books, dvd, etc were recommended by a local pediatrician after we spent a night in hospital with our 3 year old who was suffering from a migraine - no migraines since we eliminated oranges and chocolate. We also do our best to eliminate, where possible all the numbers, especially the flavour enhancers. - Michael, NSW

Thanks ever so much for giving me back the joy of having two children – I had lost it for a while I'm afraid due to my 5 year old's horrendous behaviour. He has been failsafe for a month now and it's been great. – Denise, by email

Thank you for your fantastic books, they have "cured" me after 40 years of chronic pain. Yay! 40 years sounds like I am old, but I am only just 46 so you can imagine how wonderful and life changing this is for me :) It turns out that for me "dairy" (not lactose) causes constipation and salicylates cause stomach pain and severe bloating and distention. So I am avoiding all dairy and minimising salicylates. - Chris, by email

I know a 78 yr old who has suffered terribly with chronic sinus for more than 40 years and since eliminating dairy is much, much better. Keep in mind his trusted doctor prescribed seven courses of antibiotics leading up to this and when the good doctor was informed that my friend was going to eliminate some foods his reply was 'yes, that's a good idea' !! - Michael by email.

We attended your talk a few months back and it has changed our lives. We have a six year old son who suffers from Aspergers and ADHD and since going additive-free his behaviour is much improved, his social skills are coming along in leaps and bounds and his fits of rage are completely gone.- Heather by email.