I happened upon your site late last year while searching for help for my eldest son who was diagnosed with PDD, ADHD, anxiety disorder and high level language disorder as well as bordering on anorexia nervosa all at the ripe old age of 10. Doctors were not helping and all the drugs they threw at us weren't helping either. I was at a loss as to how to help him as his behaviour escalated out of control and my husband and I nearly split up because of the stress on both of us. It was a nightmare trying to manage all his problems as well as look after our other three children. His behaviour was so extreme that I didn't think diet could help but remembering that I was a Feingold kid for many years myself I figured it certainly couldn't hurt and I had been only too willing to make him take drugs because it was an "easy" option that didn't require a lot of effort on our part.

We started FS in January before school went back and now only a couple of months later my son looks and acts like a "normal" child. We have had easily an 80% improvement in his behaviour, autism symptoms and mood. I say only 80% because I'm still fumbling to get the diet right for him because he seems to be sensitive to just about everything and he is living on the elimination diet at the moment. It's a sharp learning curve though and we pay dearly for mistakes with a slide back into his worst behaviour and autistic traits within half an hour usually and the effects can last for days.

Thank you so much for the work you and your husband are doing for families like ours. ­ by email, Qld