August 2012: My 11yo son has had these allergic welts which start with his hands and feet itching so bad that he is in despair then he gets red blotchy welts on his torso and legs and his legs go purple and he has goosebumps the whole time. After numerous trips to the doctors to be told he has a reaction to the dog, may have a weird virus that will just go in time, to are you sure you have not changed his soap or washing powder product?.... I knew it was something else so started doing my homework.

January 2013: I took the Flavour Enhancers (621, 635, 637 and any other enhancer starting with 6) out of my son's diet back in August last year, and have not seen another episode of reactions at all. I have taken that number out of my whole families diet also, so I am sure it was the cause of these rashes and welts on his body. He was just having severe reactions to these enhancers.

My kids are super savvy now finding this number in foods, its like a game really and at times they are disappointed that they cannot eat certain foods containing these numbers, but elated to find other products that they really want that don't have that number in... so it is an ok situation.

I have been back to our GP and talked in depth to the nurses about these numbers and what they can do to young bodies and they said that it is so interesting and will look up information for future cases like my sons. Thanks a lot for your help.

Which foods? Foods that my son was eating were not things he had every day, but we were so surprised to find that these 6 Number Flavour Enhancers are in soooooo many foods that kids like and us Mums give them as treats and as spreads etc on toast in the am thinking that they are ok.

Our number one shocker was Promite (which has two numbers 627 and 631). So that went, my son loved Promite and would have it every day on toast...! Trigger and we did not even know. Things like spices, season all, chicken salt you have to watch as it is laced with 6 numbers... Cuppa soups, Maggi noodles (the satchel that you put in- especially the chicken) no good. National meat pies and sausage rolls – cant have flavoured chips like Samboy BBQ, BBQ shapes etc... We just have plain sea salt chips now, nothing with flavours. A lot of dips and Indian spiced foods (sauces) have these numbers also. Some companies, because of loopholes in the Aust/NZ system for labelling our food don't even put the numbers they just say "natural enhancers or "flavour enhancer", and we just steer clear of anything like that.... It is in soooo many foods now, but it is possible to avoid them if you train yourself and your kids to eat differently and to look at labels.

It is very wrong of the Governments to not label these enhancers correctly as it can cause such illness in our kids.. It makes me really angry and if they had seen my son's reactions they would be too. Hope this helps you guys out some . - Anna, Tasmania (watch out for yeast extract and hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP) too!)